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There are so many glowing kudos about our new mountain home that can be attributed directly to Cindy Callicrate. From our first meeting, to her ongoing outreach and availability to us today, Cindy's skill and artistry are a pleasure to compliment. 

The project we embarked on to replace our older home, took 3 years. Cindy was there from the start, and worked solely for us, collaborating on the design, engineering and fixed finish selection processes with remarkable insight. 

The complex contemporary design we envisioned to build, gained its ultimate warmth, style and sophistication because of Cindy. She consistently identified the textures, color schemes and custom touches, including custom built furniture that were pleasing to the eye and complimented our lifestyle. 

Through every twist and turn that accompany large projects, Cindy's even and professional manner made finding solutions and options, not only easier, but more cost effective and practical. 

To a person, every contractor, sub and vendor, respects and praises the Callicrate Company for decades of exemplary, honest and caring professionalism. We, as clients, warmly recommend Cindy, and are forever grateful for her friendship.

Laine L.


We highly recommend Cindy. Our project was a complete redo both structurally and interior design, reconfiguring a 1 bedroom loft to a 2 bedroom 2 bath. We involved Cindy at the very beginning of the project to work with both the architect and contractor. Her knowledge of all parts of a project facilitated on-going progress without us having to be on site, trusting her and having full confidence she would make the right recommendations and decisions. She worked timely and within budget. The final project is our little haven in Vail. To further compliment Cindy, following the completion of our Vail project, we hired her on remodel of our home in Texas. Yes! Cindy is that good!

Joan K.


Cindy was great to work with on a custom ranch home in Lake Creek, Colorado. She had great attention to detail, and her plans and specifications were easy to understand and well thought out.

R.A. Nelson LLC


Working with Cindy on our custom built home in the Vail Valley was a pleasure. She provided interior design advice on all furniture as well as all interior architecture choices. Deeply experienced and with excellent taste she was my partner in creating a mountain home that suited a slightly more contemporary feel for us as North Easterners. She never pressured me to make any choice and was deeply respectful of budget. We worked together for more than two years, and she continues to provide me with professional design services. She has become an important colleague as with live in the Vail Valley but also a dear friend. 



I have worked with The Callicrate CO for many years doing remodeling projects. We hired Cindy very early in the process of building our new house. It was the smartest choice we made.

At the start, she was able to bring fresh eyes and ideas to a previously unsolvable layout configuration problem that allowed the space to flow. Throughout the project, she coordinated with the architect in developing each space to achieve what we were looking for.

She helped us create "special" touches and spaces throughout.

Her upbeat, positive attitude helped diffuse a few tense situations. 

She is a stickler for detail, even to the point of getting on the floor with the tile installer to physically place the tile sheets to achieve the design she envisioned.

She worked closely with us on every detail, but never gave us the feeling that we were being rushed.

With her knowledge, experience and resources, the furniture and finishes brought the entire project together.

She completed our team that ultimately provided a product that is truly our home, reflects who we are and welcomes us every time we walk in the door. 

She treated this project as if it were her home.

Steve B.


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